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BC Liberals Desperately Seeking to Re-brand

Monday May 14, 2012

I’m back from my break from posting, a bit longer than I expected to be away.  But I’m eager to rejoin this country’s political debate and I’ve fortunately been able to get a lot of new material ready to go forward with.  But first let’s begin with Christy Clark and the hapless BC Liberals:

As noted by OpenFile here: OpenFile Vancouver the BC Liberals are seeking voter input including on a new, more inclusive name.  I wonder how the existing BC Liberals feel about that, considering this is the name they’ve won three terms on.

Bill Tieleman’s excellent blog post on the danger of changing names can be found here:  It’s good reading and it’s worth checking out no matter where you fall on the political spectrum.

Anyhow, this got me to thinking some.  Since “everything” is on the table, except for Christy Clark’s leadership, the new party ought to include her name.  After all, we all remember those advertisements where her first name was much, much bigger than the name ‘Liberals.’  It’s all about Christy after all.

Since she’s been going on so much about the ‘free-enterprise coalition’ that the BC Liberals supposedly represent, I figured the new party should be named a coalition.  Especially since a coalition is often a temporary alliance of convenience, that seems to fit what the BC Liberals have become.  And the last party that was named an ‘Alliance’ worked out so well too.

The last bit didn’t really come until I happened upon the comments on OpenFile and saw one after mine, reminding me again that when Christy Clark talks about a ‘free-enterprise coalition’ she really means a government that serves big business’ interests.

I knew I had it then, the new name for the BC Liberals: the Christy Clark Corporate Coalition of British Columbia.  Can also be known as the 4Cs.

It embodies everything that the BC Liberals have become under Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark, a vehicle for self-aggrandizement and corporate interests.  It also has the benefit of providing truth in advertising.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, British Columbia’s Christy Clark Corporate Coalition!

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